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What are Meta Tags

Meta Tags are used inside the HEAD section of your HTML pages to provide some information about your page to search engines. Not all search engines use Meta Tags, but many do.

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Meta Tags Described

This list gives definitions for the most common Meta Tags used in website design with the first three (title, description and keywords being most important).

Title - This is the website or page title that usually appears in the top bar of your Internet Browser e.g. <TITLE>Website Design and Development by SpectRom Multimedia in Gympie.</TITLE>

Description - This is often the description that will appear in the search results of many search engines. This should be a sentence or two that describes your site or page and should be about 300 characters. e.g. <meta name="description" content="Website design and development by SpectRom Multimedia in Gympie Queensland">

Keywords - Keywords or keyword phrases that apply to the subject matter of your web page. You should list them in order of importance with the most important ones first. Separate each word or phrase with commas and keep the length of the entire list under 255 characters. e.g. <meta name="keywords" content="gympie website design, cooloola web site design, hosting web sites, website hosting, web page development, spectrom multimedia, gympie cooloola business, queensland"> (Visit the cooloolabusiness.com Information network for information on keywords)

Robots - This will tell a search engine how to index your site from a given web page. Index means that search engine should index this page, Noindex means that they should not. Follow means that they should follow any other links to your other pages, Nofollow means they should not go any deeper into your site. Generally you select index and follow to instruct the search engines to index that page and the rest of your site e.g. <meta name="robots" content="follow,index">

Revisit-After - This will tell a search engine how often to index your site. Select the time frame you would like your web page revisit after e.g. <meta name="revisit-after" content="14 days">

Author - Enter the author of the webpage e.g.<meta name="author" content="SpectRom Multimedia">

Copyright - Enter your copyright information e.g. <meta name="copyright" content="SpectRom Multimedia">

Distribution - Select your distribution, local or global e.g.(<meta name="distribution" content="global">

Meta Tag Recommendation

You should develop suitable meta tags for your site especially the title, description and keywords tags.

In selecting your tags, it is necessary to consider what your site and business is about then select the most important descriptive words that pertain to your business. These words and phrases should then be assessed on the basis of what a web user would type into a search engine and then be prioritised from the most important to least important. These should then be incorporated into your tags as above.

Keyword Selection & Search Engine Optimisation

Optimisation of your web page for the search engines is a very complex task as different engines use different ways of indexing and ranking. The selection of the most appropriate and relevant keyword for your Mata Tags is a good start but design structure and copy (text) are also very important.

The combination of Meta Tags and the use of your important keywords in the page structure ( H1 tags etc) and in the page text based on a preferred frequency for each engine is critical to gaining top ranking.

We use our 9 years of search engine optimisation experience in developing websites to gain the best leverage for each site to be ranked in the major engines.

Search Engine Optimisation is a very specialised activity and there are now many companies that only do SEO work. You can find more information at this link:

Search Engine Optimization Company - Top Placement Utilizing search engine optimization research and technology for top search engine placement.

Meta Tag Analyser

This website offers a free metatag analyser which will check your metatags to ensure that your pages are suitable for submission to the search engines.


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