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Website Hosting

SpectRom Multimedia in conjunction with cooloolabusiness.com operate fully managed web hosting services in Gympie Queensland.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable host for your website, we offer free offer free transfers to our servers and no setup fees for our $220 per year economy plan.

As we have a vested interest in your success, we don't only host your site - we also provide you with linking within our business network to add those much neede backlinks to help with search engine indexing.

Hosting Support

We are happy to provide all the support necessary to have your site visible as soon as possible.

Remember that with our hosting services, if you need support, the business owner answers the phone to provide you with the expert technical assistance that you need (nothing worse than those automated services where you are placed in a queue only to find that the customer service person doesn't have the knowledge or experience to help or is difficult to understand as English is not the first language).

If your are not familiar with web site management and uploading your site, we are happy to do this for you at no charge to ensure that the process is undertaken quickly and without any fuss or worry to you. With transfers, we can download your existing site or for new sites, just email your files to us and we will check links etc and upload for you at no charge.

Technical Data

We operate Cpanel Linux servers with support for CGI scripts (email, site search etc), PHP and MySQL (for database driven dynamic sites) to provide optimal and stable hosting platform. Server are rackmounted with lots of space for racks and ventilation.

Our top Internet Site Selections for


We have a range of pre-installed server scripts and can easily insert these scripts in your website for you.

We are continually expanding our range of server applications to make things easier for our clients. Our latest program provides a simple content management system for site owners. Find out more about our simple CMS systems and other packages designed to make things easy for you at www.gympiewebsites.com.au

If you would like information about our hosting services, please contact us.

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Web Design Examples
Visit our portfolio to view some of our work.

Hosting Special
Free Transfer to our servers, first month free and no setup fees.

Economy Plan only AUD$220 per year
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